This Is For The Girl

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 This Is For The Girl

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PostSubject: This Is For The Girl   This Is For The Girl Icon_minitime1Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:18 pm

This is for the girl who has been a little girl. Who has been born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Who has never had a father figure in her life; not even the step-dad. Who has never gotten to know her half-older sister. Who has lived with her grandparents over 4 times. Who has watched her mother go through guy after guy, dumping her children for the mistakes she calls 'love'. Who has been 11 and grew up in a small southern town. Who has lied to her mother, in hopes of being left alone. Who has made vanilla ice cream in Science class in 5th grade. Who has had a hot pink raincoat. Who has been 12 at some point in time, and ate candy waffles with whipped cream on top for her birthday, offering her friend some of her spotlight food. Who has had a guy best friend named Justin Pelletier since 5th grade (2011) on a sunny day. Who has saved two kittens from a gas station in Choctaw, and kept them. Who has known that your best guy friend liked you, but you didn't like him back. Who has been the biggest tomboy anybody ever saw. Who has had a crush on Jordan Downs in 5th and 6th grade. Who has moved away from their small southern hometown and moved out to Guthrie, getting a little more sad by each passing day. Who has fallen in love with Justin Pelletier, but he doesn't love her back, not anymore. Who has stalked facebook profiles, because that's what all girls secretly do. Who has always looked up love quotes on Google Images. Who has learned to love gummybears and Pepsi. Who has always loved McDonald's french fries. Who has always loved Dollar General Store. Who has always loved Mackie's Steak House and Grill. Who has yet to walk on train tracks. Who has seen an abandoned house that is secretly beautiful. Who has been to Jones, looking for the new house; who will next time look for the bus beside it. Who has been to Freshmen Orientation on August 12, 2014. Who has seen Justin Pelletier at Frontier City, standing next to him in the Tornado line. Who has wished Justin Pelletier Happy Birthday on both August 12, 2014 and August 13, 2014. Who has made Justin Pelletier jealous. Who has cried over Justin Pelletier. Who has laughed over Justin Pelletier. Who has been told by Justin Pelletier that he likes her on October 8, 2014. Who has seen Justin Pelletier's dad and little sister in Wal-Mart on November 22, 2014. Who has sent a chewed-out text to Justin Pelletier on December 19, 2014. Who has gotten a reply back from Justin Pelletier and 3 missed calls on December 20, 2014. Who has been told very sweet, soothing things by Justin Pelletier on that night. Who has waited all the rest of December to hear from him again, when he promised to text back. Who has been told by Justin Pelletier 'Won't have my phone for a long time' , when she knew he was lying, on December 27, 2014. Who has texted Justin Pelletier 'I know that you don't have your phone, but I have to tell you something. I don't think that we should be friends anymore. Sorry.' because she was tired of being hurt, and she knew that he would just end up hurting her again and again on January 5, 2015. Who has gotten a text back from Justin Pelletier that said 'Ok makes my life easier' then right after that sent 'Makes my life easier bitch' on that same day. Who has responded back with 'Well if it makes your life easier, then why'd you put up with me for so long?' on that same day. Who has had a text back from Justin Pelletier that said 'Talk later ok', and who has responded with 'Ok.'. Who has, later that day, gotten a text from Justin Pelletier that said 'I'm busy' and then immediately sent after 'Just quite txting I'm tired of hearing you complain so go on with your life' and who has texted back 'That's what I'm trying to do, so you can stop trying to hurt me.' and got a text back saying 'Whatever just Stop txting good bye have a nice life  Smile ' and who responded with 'Thanks for being such a great friend, and by the way this wasn't my choice. My mom made me. So bye I guess' (She lied, just to make him feel better, cause that's how much she cares about him) and got the response 'Don't care' and who has said 'Okay' on January 5, 2015. Who has endured so much pain. Who has finally let Justin Pelletier go from her mind; not her heart; not her life; not her being. This is for her.
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This Is For The Girl
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