Mr. Pleasure's Erotica Zoo ! (R, OPEN)

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 Mr. Pleasure's Erotica Zoo ! (R, OPEN)

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Mr. Pleasure's Erotica Zoo ! (R, OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Mr. Pleasure's Erotica Zoo ! (R, OPEN)   Mr. Pleasure's Erotica Zoo ! (R, OPEN) Icon_minitime1Thu May 23, 2013 1:26 pm

"Mr. Pleasure's Erotica Zoo! The newest attraction in town! The grand opening was yesterday, but crowds are still flocking to the gates, pushing their way in, and begging to see all the exhibits! Get your tickets today!"

Speakers crackle above Dove's head as she rolls over onto her side and lies there lazily, ignoring the people shuffling about outside the glass windows that line her prison. At least it felt like prison to her. To everyone around her, she was a beautiful freak, eye candy, and a naughty desire. Everyone could look, but no one was allowed to touch. Not even the zoo keepers. Dove was Mr. Pleasure's prize possession and she was kept well maintained and in the biggest, most comfortable exhibited he had to offer.

Dove sighed and got to her knees, brushing dust off her leather vest that acted at her only garment of clothing. It covered her full, well rounded breasts and make her feel as though she could at least conceal something from the prying eyes of the world around her. With another sigh, she got to her feet and shimmied over to the spot where the keepers often placed her meals. Being the first anthro dog to ever be on display, Dove was often the number one attraction everyone visited as soon as the gates were open. All the males loved to see her through the thick glass, to droll over her perfectly fit body with hips so perfect and ass so juicy. With long, slender legs and her flat stomach. She was of the Doberman breed with piercings in her pointed ears and in her eyebrow. She wore rings on her tan fingers and that lonely vest. She bathed often, keeping her black pelt looking shiny and healthy; often lathering on some oil to appear slick and slippery.

The busty female grabbed the patter her meat was served on and found her favorite spot; a massive oak tree near the back of her pen with chewed up tires bites. She sat down to eat and gazed around her at the exhibit. three of the six walls were windows and the other three had a junk yard theme so it made her feel more at home. The majority of the terrain was sand and dirt with a few grassy patches here and there. Junk cars, garbage, tin cans and such were strewn about to give Dove that homey feel. She had to admit that she did enjoy the new home and the attention, but she had never been on the outside and desperately wanted to.

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Mr. Pleasure's Erotica Zoo ! (R, OPEN)
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