Is this ok?

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Welcome to Wild Horse State!
Please, do not feed the users... they bite...
To the left, you shall see our lovely facilities. And to the right is... what remains of the fountain I blew up. Shhh, don't tell Tato.
We have some pretty cool features, like the C-Box at the bottom of the home page.
We're constantly adding to the site to try and make it better, and we're always open to ideas! Feel free to pm Rockeh or Tato.
If you have a site and want to Affiliate, message Rockeh with your mini-banner/logo HTML, and I'll get it up in the portal. Please have our affiliation on your site too Smile
Well, we hope you've enjoyed your tour of Wild Horse State. Please come again soon! Very Happy

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 Is this ok?

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PostSubject: Is this ok?   Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:46 am

Yeah, I do this alot Razz

Shi tossed and turned in bed, tangling her black hair. The red satin covers fell to the floor as poor Shi kicked wildly, struggling to chase the horrible memory out of her head. No, it was no nightmare. It was real. There she was again, tattered clothes, sitting in her backyard, her parents only two feet in front of her. Oh, if they only knew they were minutes from their death.

As real-Shi continued truning, dream-Shi stood up, yelling and crying, directly at her parents. The wooden chair she was sitting in onl a moment ago was now just a pile of ash, and she had smoke trailing from her fingers. Her anger took hold, and with one puff, the pile of ash became a wall of deep red fire. Her hand instinctivley grabbed both of her parents, while the other one burned their screaming faces beyond recigntion. By the time three out of Shis five older brothers (two of which she didn't even know the name) had pulled her off, their parents were dead. Shi's eyes drifted toward the boys throaghts, it would be so easy...

Smoke trailed from her fingertips again, and she lifted her hand, whipped the flame across all five throaghts, turned, and colapsed in one motion. She lay there, crying, her eyes bright red. What have I done? What have I done? The words echoed in her mind, placed there by someone else, someone not as sympathetic as the assassin. But, still, the assassin woke up, screaming. The palace was mostly empty, except for the other Verto and Azula and Ozai. But, you could still hear remarks and laughter throughout the abandoned palace, all laughing at her. Although she was an adult, Shi was still very self-concious. She cried herself to sleep that night.
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Is this ok?
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