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Welcome to Wild Horse State!
Please, do not feed the users... they bite...
To the left, you shall see our lovely facilities. And to the right is... what remains of the fountain I blew up. Shhh, don't tell Tato.
We have some pretty cool features, like the C-Box at the bottom of the home page.
We're constantly adding to the site to try and make it better, and we're always open to ideas! Feel free to pm Rockeh or Tato.
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Well, we hope you've enjoyed your tour of Wild Horse State. Please come again soon! Very Happy

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Can StormRunner be a champion?
Yes with some more practice
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No he got lucky
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Why did I read this?
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The post was boring!
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it was too long!!! *whinny three year old voice*
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PostSubject: Ben&&StormRunner   Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:22 pm

Ben tacked up Storm gently, he took his time. He put on his very expensive, custom-made saddle and latched on the 44 inch girth. Storm began to puff out but Ben gave out a sound of disipline. Storm snorted in amusment and rolled his eyes. Ben put the bridle on next, then quickly put his mane in neat braids. He did his tail next and then patted his rump. Storm stayed standing where he was while Ben got on his show uniform. He came back in a freshly pressed black show-jumping jacket and tan breeches. He had knee-high leather boots and a riding helmet on. He held a small jumping crop and he smiled at Storm, "You ready boy?" Storm bobbed his head up and down and Ben chuckled. He led Strom to the warm-up arena where he mounted up and began at a walk. Storm bent his head elegently without being asked and with only the slight nudge of Ben's heel he broke into a working trot. They rode around the areana at a trot, changing directions often for about 10 minutes. The workers set up a small jump course and Ben urged Storm into a gentle lope. He collected his stride as he turned Storm towards the first warm-up jump, a 2 and a half foot one. Storm took it easily, stepping over it as if it was a cavaletee. He could have done it walking.

The minutes passed before they heard on the intercom, "Next up... Ben... Ben on StormRunner!" Ben turned Storm to the entrence of the show-jumping areana and they began a gentle lope, Storm's muscles were warm and loose and he looked around the areana excidetly. The tallest jump reaching 4 1/2 feet. There were 13 jumps, an easy course for the pair. Ben drew Storm to a hault just before the start line and the bell rang. Storm burst off with energy into a quick canter but Ben corrected him and brought him back to a collected canter. They approached the first jump, a single and Storm cleared it easily. He snorted as he landed and they continued on the course. He took the twists and turns wide, but at a decent speed. They made not one fault and Storm could probably take the course at a lazy trot. They came to the triple and Storm froze up for a second, but with a reasurring pat on the neck from Ben he lengthaned his stride and took it with ease. They complete the 13 jumps with a time of 59.78 seconds. "An excellent round by rider Ben and horse StormRunner! I belive they have taken the gold medal, yes they have done it! Congratualtions Ben, you win a prize of $500 dollars and the chance to enter the Winter Finale." Ben patted Storm's side with happieness, "Good boy!" Storm bobbed his head up and down like he always did and arched his neck at the cameras, "What a show-off" Ben muttered under his breath, Storm heard this smart-alech comment and disiplined Ben with a quick flick of his tail. Ben laughed, patting his horse and smiled for the picture.
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