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Welcome to Wild Horse State!
Please, do not feed the users... they bite...
To the left, you shall see our lovely facilities. And to the right is... what remains of the fountain I blew up. Shhh, don't tell Tato.
We have some pretty cool features, like the C-Box at the bottom of the home page.
We're constantly adding to the site to try and make it better, and we're always open to ideas! Feel free to pm Rockeh or Tato.
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Well, we hope you've enjoyed your tour of Wild Horse State. Please come again soon! Very Happy


 The Sniper

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PostSubject: The Sniper   The Sniper Icon_minitime1Thu May 10, 2012 7:55 pm

The sun rose over the city, reflecting off of the windos and mirrors strewn about. THe city seemed inoc by innocent in such virgin light, untouched by crime and evil. But no one knew Murder was lurking somewhere behind the curtain of illusion. She rested on the ground, a sniper rifle poised out the window. Her eye locked on her target through the scope, followed the mans movements. She found her opening, and she took it. A boom echoed through the air and not even a second later the man dropped to the ground, a bullet hole in his head. The people around him screamed and squealed, but all she did was smile.
Her name was Veronika, and she was Horseshoe Bends best assassin. Her father was the Russian Mafia boss, and she still knew hgh people in low places. Her white blond hair was cut short and angular and framed her pale face, highlighting her big gray eyes. She walked with a swagger, her weapon of choice slung around her shoulder and a big smirk on her face.

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The Sniper
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