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 Lesson Sign up<33

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PostSubject: Lesson Sign up<33   Lesson Sign up<33 Icon_minitime1Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:08 am

I just wanted to help out here. <3
I'm going to be A LOT more active now and I would love to help others with their RPing, I don't use long posts on this site really, but that is because there isn't many others who do it too, but I would love to get other's into it and then I'll be able to have more muse for longer posts <3

So, Sign up here if you want to take some lessons, this is just a sign up thread, & sign ups end on at the end of the month and the first class will start on the first of December!

Quote :
RP example- (do this to the best of your ability <3)
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PostSubject: Re: Lesson Sign up<33   Lesson Sign up<33 Icon_minitime1Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:28 pm

Name- Moooonstaaaaaaaaa Razz (monster, or eat <3) Because she caaaaan 0-0 You never stop learning, right?
RP example-

The fae was greatful now, for the raven fur which kept her as warm as was possible it this weather. Quick, controled puffs of breath were visible as she made her way toward the illusion of safety. Cause she never belived such a thing was real anyways, not now.

The wind picked up as the destination she made for reached her line of sight, making her close those striking neon/lime green eyes, stalling her first glance at the place for only a few seconds. Then it held back, allowing Ale to see the place she had managed to make it to. The flakes flew down from the grey sky, obscuring her view a couple hundred yards out. From here she could see the frozen lake, and a dotting of trees stood around her, shielding the thin wolf from some of the chill around her.

Her orbs were nothing exceptional, but still she managed to catch sight of the two others, walking along near the edge of the lake. Her dome tilted at an angle, observing them momentarily. The similar coat patterns suggested relation, although she knew not all siblings were much alike. Her own kin were a fine example of such. Regardless, she stepped forward softly, aqua paws barely making a sound as they hit the snow. She was lightweight too, and left little trail while the snow was packed down. What little muscle she had retained through this dreadful weather rippled beneath her raven pelt. The bright lime orbs watcher intently while she stalked along. This wasn't particularly one of her skills, but at this point she could still take care of herself, and was sufficient enough. When she was just at the line of her sheltering trees, she paused, audits pricked. Now a decision was to be made.

Should she go forward? Maybe not... Her pelt color was both dark and loudly bright, a painful combination to have. Either way it wasn't out of the realm of possibility for her to sneak up on them. It might be fun. But then where would she be? Stuck next to two unfamiliars? Not to mention, even in whatever state they were in, she was most likely a lot weaker. Ale supposed that was why she was a good fighter, she didn't need to be strongest to find a way out of something. Every Terra had something of use to her.

Finally the girl walked forward, glancing at her surroundings a moment. She found a direction that led to these others, and most notably was far more shadowed than a direct path. Moving that way, she seemed to melt into the darkness around her, even the aquain markings and wings being sheltered by this shroud of shadows. She opened her maw slightly, muttering to herself, "Animis opibusque parati." And the words were true, she knew she was prepared, ready to finally be around others. Maybe. Physically was one thing, but her mind was sensitive. No, hers Vae's would stay away. This was something she had to do. After all, this was a pack land, and she did intend to join it. Once she found where her courage had hidden.

With a shake of her dome, she moved on, following the pair a distance. What were they doing? It seemed they had just realized the presence of the water. Well. Ale took a breath and let go, her form becoming visible to them now, no longer hidden. As she seemingly materialized before them her paw-steps slowed, waiting for them to notice her. She was a bit noticeable, or so it had seemed to her anyways. Most others, she noted, might start a conversation. Well, she was at a loss for word anyways. And, to be honest scared. Ale didn't much like other wolves at times. But maybe today she could get over it for a bit. Just a little while.

Animis opibusque parati- Prepared in minds and resources (ready for anything)

Just something I made a little while ago. don't make a huge amount of sence unless you were reading the post before mine Razz
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Lesson Sign up<33
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