helpful new thing! (really....READ OR DIE!!!)

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Welcome to Wild Horse State!
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 helpful new thing! (really....READ OR DIE!!!)

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helpful new thing! (really....READ OR DIE!!!) Empty
PostSubject: helpful new thing! (really....READ OR DIE!!!)   helpful new thing! (really....READ OR DIE!!!) Icon_minitime1Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:28 am

I see problems with everyones posts. They all have the plot set...perfect..every thing...just with the right people, and just with the right story-line. But. Its all spoiled when other people want to join. You don’t want them to, but you don’t want to be rude about it. So. Here’s the solution!-

When you only want a certain person to join your thread, or a certain few people, PM them or describe who you want to join in the title of your topic. Your topic, if open to only a certain person, or a couple, must always be stated with a (p) somewhere in the topic name. That way everyone knows that if they weren't invited, they are not suppose to interfere.

If someone joins someone else’s thread that does not have a (p) in the title, they are clearly allowed to join. If you forget to put a (p) in your thread, and someone who you don't want to join joins, then please PM them nicely to delete their post so the other people can RP.


My lucky day (p)
(p) My lucky day

And maybe say some of the people who you want to join like this-

My lucky day (p) (Fox)
(p) (Fox) My lucky day
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helpful new thing! (really....READ OR DIE!!!)
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