Howling Wind.

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 Howling Wind.

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Howling Wind. Empty
PostSubject: Howling Wind.   Howling Wind. Icon_minitime1Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:03 pm

Howling Wind is a brand new advanced wolf role-play.

About 100 years ago there was a virus that completly wiped out the human-race. The wolves who were at the time in contact with the infected humans who did not die instently from it took in the virus. It didn't harm them though, in fact it helped them. They were able to shift into a strange were-wolf type state. They didn't turn completely human though. They had three stages, the Lupas form. That is their regular appearance. The Secui form, which is like their regular form only bigger, stronger and bulkier. And the Optime form. This was the form that was as close to humans as they could get. They still have their fur, and some dress themselves with human clothing. Their paws change into hands and feet. They still have their wolf-look though.

Most wolves considered this virus to be terrible. All of them hated humans. The few wolves that were infected went on a rampage, trying to give the virus to as many people as possible. But there were four wolves that wanted to get away. Triton, Addikin, Arwyn and Adonia got together and planned something. They gathered as many wolves who never wanted to catch the virus and took them. They traveled far. To a place up in Canada. Everyone voted them to be Kings and Queens. They became Kings and Queens but they also had other plans. With about 50 wolves along with them the plan wouldn't be that hard to accomplish. They said that the wolves could start their own packs. The males fought for dominance and they chose their Alphesses. The fighting lowered the number of wolves to about 40. Three packs were formed. The other wolves that were not apart of the pack became loners. 

This life went on peacefully for the next 20 years. The Kings and Queens died and everyone was devastated. No one lashed out trying to be the next King or Queen though, they continued on, living by the four precious wolves' rules. 

Now it's 50 years later. The three packs fell apart without a higher rule, now everyone is a loner. However there are a few wolves who man the borders. They are vast and have large fences built by the others that are strong, keeping any unwanted people out. There are ten stations around the 10000 mile borders. Three wolves guard each station and several others guard the weak points. If a wolf approaches they are tested for the virus and if they are negative they are allowed to pass, if not they are turned away. Life stays secluded and simple, they don't live in fear of the others.

Will your wolf be the next Alpha or Alphess to lead a long lasting pack? Or will your wolf shoot for King or Queen? Or maybe just stay a loner? It's up to you in Howling Winds. Follow the Kings and Queens' rules and you'll get along fine, disobey and only fate can tell what will happen.
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Howling Wind.
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