Um a story for each section?

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 Um a story for each section?

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Um a story for each section? Empty
PostSubject: Um a story for each section?   Um a story for each section? Icon_minitime1Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:56 pm

Ok to clarify the title, we could have a story behind each being's world like for example the one the cat's have.
or a random story for the wolves' world

EX. A dark figure stood at the tip of the largest cliff. He had been cursed to bring misery wherever he went but he thought he found a way past that. He shook the icicles off of his coat to create the Winter's Fury lands. He blew out a breath and created the Autumn's Wind's lands. He ripped some of his undercoat and created the Summer's Heat's lands. Than he used his newest teeth to create the New Spring's Lands. He survayed these four lands and found a promblem, they had only one season forever. He started shedding tears at his misery thus creating the WaterFall Lake. His paws stamping to create the secret caves and his tail's thumping to create the Roamer's Canyon. His head's shaking to make the battle clearing and most of all his puppydog side to creat Beyond the cities. He lay still watching the lands that never changed until his dying day. And that created Forgotten Cliff where this brave wolf had forgotten the curse bestowed upon him. His name was and is Midnight's Misery and his black coat always was cover in ice. His emerald green eyes that created the green forests, always mixed with sadness at being shuned. Even today millions of years since the ancient wolves had lived there, a black shadow still roamed the secret caves. green eyes staring out from the caves that seemed to hold a secret, maybe the secret to change the lands?

Pk anyways while im here lol,
can you add more to the humans? like a Juice bar like fore example Juicenet Cafe where the humans go to mingle. Or a house place like Flower Houses ( random) where the humans buy farms?
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Um a story for each section?
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