Amazing, Good, OK, Poor, or Terrible?

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 Amazing, Good, OK, Poor, or Terrible?

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Amazing, Good, OK, Poor, or Terrible? Empty
PostSubject: Amazing, Good, OK, Poor, or Terrible?   Amazing, Good, OK, Poor, or Terrible? Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:17 am

Endagngerment. That was her name. It suited her. Her black coat glimmered in the sun. Her dark orbs glanced from side to side, not nervously, but excited. There was a sort of electricity in the air, bouncing off rocks trees and wind, its source the mare herself. Her dished head called out to anyone who dared to come near the girl; she wouldn't take it. She only trusted so many people. Her trust was a privlage, not a right. If you can afford it, you can have it. The price, really, isn't that high... Just, maybe, saving her from a mountain lion, or something simple like that. But, good luck with that, with her power... That lion would be dead before he pounced. Although, of corse, if they were hunting in a pack, shed pretty much be doomed. Since when can a mare fend for herself??

A low rumble emminated from behind her. Her head turned quickly; her untrimmed mane and tail flowing with her movements, shimmering, reflecting the hot sun. Strange. Danger, herself, avtually felt... Fear? No, it couldn't be... No, Danger felt no fear. All she felt was adreneline. Not fear. Not fear. She repeated the words over and over again. But they would not leave. She ushered estlessly to shoo them away from her mind; nothing worked. She was breaking, her time had come. Her mother had done this, its the strange language she knew. Something about it... It rips you apart. Itstarts off as an unknown feeling, then it escilates into....

Pain. Searing hot, freezing cold. A constant agonizing transistion between the two. It took all she had not to scream, to cry out as the fire engulfed her, then was washed away by the frozen water of the poles. Her knees buckled, and down she went. She figured the constant moaning that was bubbing its way past her mouth had scared the poor lion away. Too bad, she hoped he would have ended the pain. That, actually, felt like a rather nice offer... Just let it go, slip away into an eternal sleep, float forever in emptyness. It was such a sweet lullaby...

NO! She could not be the next victim she had to save up the least bit of strength she could.

--------A few hours Later------------------

She lay on the ground, eyes dropping steadily. It took all she had, but she echoed one last chant her mother had tought her: "Eno, craca, esni, crase, heele!" The words echoed through the air, enchanted by the majical "heele." Whoever erd this strange noise, that "heele" would be sure to translate it into "Help me..."
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Amazing, Good, OK, Poor, or Terrible?
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